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Route 66 website advertises that they make replacement disk drived for a whole list of "no longer available" musical instruments.

I too ordered some disk drives from Route 66 for Korg T3 synthesizer amounting to many hundreds of dollars.(The same price as an international air ticket) The shipment VANISHED for 3 months. The owner of route 66 was threatning in his approach every time he was contacted.

Firstly he did not want to deal with me address as I am based in South Africa, so we ordered the parts though a U.K. associate of mine. It took many many phonecalls both international as well as from my family in Texas to Route 66 only to be fobbed off and abused verbally. I'm South Africa it is not possible just to send money out of the country without proof of purchase, this all has to do with anti money laundering laws.

When I told the owner of Route 66 this, he blatantly called me a liar. All I wanted from the rude owner of Route 66 was an invoice stating that the parts had been sent and when they were sent, and from which post office, as I was "red flagged" at the bank where I was required to provide proof of purchase. The banks here check invoices when goods are imported. This individual at Route 66 became really nasty.

The parts which were ordered did eventually arrive and can say that they worked fine. In closing, I would rather tell my clients that I can't get the drives from the regular agents/manufacturers any longer, and mention that Route 66 may be able to supply an equivalent, however, I am not interested in being abused by the owner of Route 66. I dont care how good he is at making drives work for vintage equipment, he needs to go on an interpersonal skills course. Tim Pullen of ORGAN-FIX Durban South Africa.

If anyone wants to contact me, they can google me for an email address.

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declared as "gift", i had to pay tax & custom in germany for the floppy for korg dss 1

"refurbished" instead of new, not functionable - not recommendable

$ 72 for disposal :(


I've been waiting for 6 months for Route66 to deliver my order. They are a RIPOFF.

I should have googled a bit more before I ordered from them.

There are plenty of complaints about these scumbags. Do not buy from them.


Thanks Guys! You Rock, got my TG500 up and running!


Received my Alesis DM pro firmware update in 4 days, vary happy with the service.



I placed an order for manuals and received them without issues.

Vary happy to find such a company with vintage parts.


I had no probs with Route 66 at all, glad you guys are around!


Purchased the Emax CD set, vary good deal for the money. No probs fast shipping.

Mac Emax user


Placed an order for Alesis DM pro roms, everything arrived as advertised.

I am vary happy with service and products.



I think Route 66 is a pretty cool company, couldn't find 2.30 Roms for JX10 but they had them!

Dealt with Stacy no probs! Thanks guys.


Whatever, your never gonna tell it like it is and people like you can never be satisfied no matter what the case. I am glad you had your little two cents to rub together, good for you! LOL


Richard, you are really showing yourself up a a juvenile.

You have no idea of who you are talking to or what my qualifications are.

The Tracking number you gave me did not reflect on the EMS website.

I phoned your post office and they had no record of the parcel being sent out. I was on the line with the post office for 45 minutes on an international trunk call, because you did not have your telephone answered.


I pay money to you at a high value.

Bank here says where are the goods?

I say to the bank they are being shipped.

Bank says prove it, where are the shipping docs.

Route 66 replies - I don't have to send you shipping docs, print them yourself.

I tell Route 66 - Tracking number print is not working, and bank wants a scan of the actual SENDING OUT DOCUMENT.

Route 66 keep repeating over and over - Print it yourself.

I am getting into trouble with the FOREX department at the bank and my FOREX account is blocked due to lack of paper-submission to bank.

I tell Richard of Route 66 of this problem and he tells me that I am lying and talking sh*t.


Richard kept telling me that I need to track the parcel from MY SIDE. Tracking doesn't work like that, tracking needs to follow from the first point, not from the last point.

Only once Richard knew that there was a real chance of Route 66 being used as an example of bad customer service at an AMERICAN convention in Las Vegas, did we have some positive reaction from him.

When the EMS parcel finally reached me some months later - The EMS air waybill into South Africa, showed that it had only been in South Africa for 48 hours before it reached me.

So Richard, I don't think that I can blame EMS here on the receiving side. The delay was caused by some "off shore" reason - Since the off shore origin was USA, the hold up for the months must have been some problem in the USA.

Any company worth it's salt would have helped to resolve the problem, since it was their territory.

So in final closing, since the delay way in the USA, how was it my fault?

Richard also remember that your products however good they might be, are not essential to life. We / customers, actually don't need your spare parts to live, so it does not make any difference to me that you have decided to no longer ship out of the USA borders.

I was once told that it is pointless arguing with *** people, because the just drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.


Tim here's the thing we provided you with the EMS tracking numbers and showed you that YOU could PRINT yourself a copy. Did you do that? NOPE! Are you so *** that you can't go the to the www.USPS.COM site and print this? Are you kidding me, are you like 6yrs old?

We made you a Word doc copy of our invoice, but that too was not good enough for you. Everything we did for you was not good enough and on top of that you blame US for the EMS shipping hang-up? Come on Tim!

We showed you that you have a valid invoice in your Pay Pal payment sent/received history. Still not good enough.

Then you have other people call us that are not related to this transaction at ALL...WTF? Sorry were NOT going to chat with them about your business at all.

I assume that you were smart enough to see that this type or behavior was not going to be productive. So here it is, I am sorry if you feel I was rude to whomever you had call us asking questions about an account not related to them at all.

We no longer ship overseas because of garbage like this.

Good luck to you Tim.


Thank you for your sh*tty reply Richard, you have finally come out of the woodwork and have shown your real colours. This is exactly the attitude that I have commented on.

I said that 1) When we received the goods they worked, but 2) that you have a nasty attitude and were unhelpful with providing a waybill / proof of sending by EMS.

Just in case you don't understand - which is now becoming more and more evident that you just a "local yokel" with little or no international experience - A NOTE ON PAYPAY WAS NOT WAT WAS REQUESTED FROM YOU !! WE JUST ASKED VERY KINDLY FOR YOU TO PROVIDE A COPY OF THE EMS SHIPPING COMPANY DOCUMENT, SO THAT WE COULD TRACK THE GOODS WHICH HAD NOT ARRIVED AFTER WAITING MONTHS.

Unfortunately unqualified comments about people from other parts of the world whom you have never met, can create a very negative impression about Americans.

You know diddly squat about why I am in Africa, or what my purpose is in being in a 3rd world hole as you call it.

I am in Africa, helping in many ways to make the Southern Most country on the tip of Africa a better place for future generations.

You need to ask yourself what exactly it is that you have done for mankind, sitting in a comfortable 1st world country changing jumpers on the back of a diskdrive unit is not exactly Nobel Prizeworthy.

I hope you also have a backup plan for your business. Disk drives have been superseded by other technology, and as time progresses expect your disk drive replacement activities to dwindle.

I have always remained polite to you, and upheld my side of the business dealing - which was 1) Order the goods and 2) Ensure that you received adequate payment in a currency of your choice, which happens to be USA $

In return your responsibility and commitment is to 1)Take your stock 2)Adequately pack it 3)TIMEOUSLY dispatch by pre-arranged shipping method, which was decided to be EMS Shipping. And then to 4)Provide whatever documentation is needed BY THE CUSTOMER OR THE CUSTOMER'S CLEARING AGENT to clear or receive the goods.

A HINT !!! If a customer says to you that they need proof of dispatch documentation to be faxed or emailed as a PDF, don't for fu*akes keep telling the customer that they (the customer) have the PAYPAL documentation and that is sufficient. :cry :cry :cry


When a customer who has paid you in full, tells you that his bank has a ruling that amounts over a certain limit have to be cleared with international exchange (FOREX) control which is a government ruling designed to monitor international transactions, it is not up to you to say that the international client is lying.

You are now boring me. In the past It was often the system's fault that people are ignorant and uninformed and maybe even kept in the dark - But it's the individuals own fault if they remain ignorant.

Google is an amazing tool which would tell you a lot about FOREX laws and international money transactions.

As I said before, I have no intention to try to harm your business or anyone else's business, but rudeness and stupidity can be worked on.

Good luck


OMG: Oh, and yes, I could have moved the cute little jumpers and fixed the drive myself, but you see, I was a bit busy with the band on the road. Something you can only dream about.

Ok there Kenny Loggins LOL what a ***!


Tim you were sent everything you asked for and still couldn’t get it straight. On top of that you were not even the buyer listed in Pay pal! We did not even have to speak to YOU or your *** friend at all. We don’t make a habit of sharing sellers info with third parties, maybe this is something you do in your 3rd world hole but we don’t make a habit of it.

This is why we no longer ship overseas, *** like Tim Pullen who for whatever reason can't read an Email or a tracking doc nor does he EVEN know how to use Pay pal. Then decides to try and make us and others look bad over his problems.

Get a life looser

to Richard From Route 66 San Francisco, California, United States #667936

it is spelled 'loser' but we get the point.


Henery, or is it Henry, G?

If I may answer your question....the reason YOU (Oops, I mean Route 66 Folks) get on here to post "happy thoughts" is because, again, you're reaching.

Perhaps you didn't notice, it's the PISSED CONSUMER website. If happy customers were going to post, they sure wouldn't do it here.

But you would, Henery/Henry. Obviously you are hiding behind a screen name because you have a little too much intel in your responses.

It's actually funny to watch you two at work, sitting in front of the computer, whilst you think of new and improved ways to "sound like a happy customer".

Oh, and yes, I could have moved the cute little jumpers and fixed the drive myself, but you see, I was a bit busy with the band on the road. Something you can only dream about.


I purchased some Emax sound disks from Route 66.

While they were not as quick or communicative with the order as I would have liked I did receive the items in reasonable timeframe.

So I would not say I am negative towards the seller.

But it wouldn't hurt to be slightly better with communications with the customer.



Your answer is incomplete as you presumably don't have the testicular gall to reply, as an honest reply might just show you up.

Frankly you are giving yourself a really bad name. If you are not with Route 66 how do you comment on what paperwork was sent or not sent.

Richard did not send the paperwork requested - I have emails to back this up.

The goods were addressed and sent to MY ADDRESS nobody elses. What would the point have been?

All I asked for was for Route66 Provide proof of posting.

Talking of being off the hook, Route66 was not answering their phone for the longest time, and when a relative of mine phoned Richard from her home in Texas, Richard was very very rude to her.

It is normal to ask for proof of sending when goods haven't arrived at their destination. If the proof is not forthcoming a client has a right to ask again and ad-infinitum until the company complies.

Instead of sending the proof of posting - Route 66 were abusive and full of sh*t.

If Richard had any integrity, he could simply apologise for being so rude and not supplying the EMS Traching document as requested.

In ending "Me thinketh, the lady doeth protest to much." You and Richard are probably the same person, or at very least cut from the same cloth.

I wish you and your little basement business heaps of luck and success. Your sh*ttiness is doubtlessly going to be a hinderance to you.


Hey Tim

The items were not shipped to you, YOU had them shipped to another address, pay pal has the seller shipping to ONLY the address listed. How is that anyone's fault? And Route 66 DID send you all the doc's but you were so off the hook nothing they did for you was good enough.

Do you really want to talk about uneducated, uninformed, semi-literate? Sir, look at some of your insane posts!

The proof is RIGHT here as your still in a constant rant over spilled milk.

Grow up and move on...and no one cares about MITA.

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