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Route 66 website advertises that they make replacement disk drived for a whole list of "no longer available" musical instruments.

I too ordered some disk drives from Route 66 for Korg T3 synthesizer amounting to many hundreds of dollars.(The same price as an international air ticket) The shipment VANISHED for 3 months.The owner of route 66 was threatning in his approach every time he was contacted.

Firstly he did not want to deal with me address as I am based in South Africa, so we ordered the parts though a U.K. associate of mine. It took many many phonecalls both international as well as from my family in Texas to Route 66 only to be fobbed off and abused verbally. I'm South Africa it is not possible just to send money out of the country without proof of purchase, this all has to do with anti money laundering laws.

When I told the owner of Route 66 this, he blatantly called me a liar. All I wanted from the rude owner of Route 66 was an invoice stating that the parts had been sent and when they were sent, and from which post office, as I was "red flagged" at the bank where I was required to provide proof of purchase. The banks here check invoices when goods are imported. This individual at Route 66 became really nasty.

The parts which were ordered did eventually arrive and can say that they worked fine. In closing, I would rather tell my clients that I can't get the drives from the regular agents/manufacturers any longer, and mention that Route 66 may be able to supply an equivalent, however, I am not interested in being abused by the owner of Route 66. I dont care how good he is at making drives work for vintage equipment, he needs to go on an interpersonal skills course. Tim Pullen of ORGAN-FIX Durban South Africa.

If anyone wants to contact me, they can google me for an email address.


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declared as "gift", i had to pay tax & custom in germany for the floppy for korg dss 1

"refurbished" instead of new, not functionable - not recommendable

$ 72 for disposal :(


I've been waiting for 6 months for Route66 to deliver my order.They are a RIPOFF.

I should have googled a bit more before I ordered from them.

There are plenty of complaints about these scumbags.Do not buy from them.


Thanks Guys! You Rock, got my TG500 up and running!


Received my Alesis DM pro firmware update in 4 days, vary happy with the service.



I placed an order for manuals and received them without issues.

Vary happy to find such a company with vintage parts.


I had no probs with Route 66 at all, glad you guys are around!


Purchased the Emax CD set, vary good deal for the money. No probs fast shipping.

Mac Emax user


Placed an order for Alesis DM pro roms, everything arrived as advertised.

I am vary happy with service and products.



I think Route 66 is a pretty cool company, couldn't find 2.30 Roms for JX10 but they had them!

Dealt with Stacy no probs! Thanks guys.


Whatever, your never gonna tell it like it is and people like you can never be satisfied no matter what the case. I am glad you had your little two cents to rub together, good for you! LOL

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